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Start your day with a perfect and unique yoga experience. Joana Cadete teaches Yoga since 2000. In her own studio in Ericeira, just a few meters from the Ocean, she can lead you through a yoga practice totally adapted to your needs.

Ashtanga Yoga is known as Meditation in Motion – A journey through mind and body, where all the movements, within a certain sequence of poses, are synchronized with the breath, purifying the body and bringing clarity and tranquility to the mind.

Hatha Yoga is different in the way that insists in the permanency in the poses, correct alignment of the body, and the sequences vary.
You can choose between Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga classes, and besides the studio, you can also do it on your favorite beach.

Every year Joana travels to India to improve her knowledge about Yoga.

Yoga puts you in contact with your inner being, prepares you for the day, and enhances your surfing skills.

The classes have 1h30m of practice.

Yoga much more than a lifestyle – a way of being

Action Waves, offers a selection of personalized experiences to meet your preferences in your favorite location.

Portugal the place to be and enjoy…

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Rua Oceano Atlântico n.º 6 – 1. º Dto
Urbanização Ribeira d´Ilhas 2655-487 Ericeira, Portugal


Phone (Gonçalo): +351 91 844 88 93
Phone (Andreia): +351 91 401 03 30
skype: Action_Waves_Portugal

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