Ericeira 55 Surf Camp

Ericeira 55 Surf Camp

It is a large house divided into two connected houses. Each house has one bedroom with bunk beds (1 to 6 people) and an open space in the 2nd floor for 1 to 5 people with individual beds. It has one bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen with a living room in each house. The Surf Camp has also an outdoor lounge area where you can rest and eat and take advantage of the emblematic sea view of Ericeira, which guarantees a unique and special surf trip for each of you.

10 min. walk from the World Surfing Reserve beaches – Coxos, S. Lourenço and Ribeira d’ Ilhas.
5 min. drive from the centre of Ericeira

///Note: If you don´t have the surf lessons package it is recommendable to bring car.

Included: Breakfast; Barbecue area; Lounge area with an ocean view; TV, DVD player, IPod; Wi-Fi Internet; Mini Skate ramp; Games

Extras: Massages; Yoga; Pilates; BBQ; Meditation; Tours; Bikes and skates; Board Rentals; Fishing Boat

Surf Lessons

In surfing lessons we provide a personalized attention. Teaching can be individual or in small groups.
The group classes only function with small groups and each monitor has a maximum of 8 students, so that your surf class can be the most personalized and profitable as possible.

In the art of surfing our instructors teach every day of the week for 2h30 in our main beach São Julião or in other beaches that are appropriate for you and your surf level. Theoretical lessons and video analysis and training are also included in surf sessions.
We teach children from age 5 and adults of all ages (what really matters is the passion, not the age). We also teach with easy and safe techniques, proven to work.

Our aim is to provide you the opportunity to enjoy a unique, custom and spectacular experience all through the year, connecting you to the sea, to special places and to surf along with the best and qualified teachers, coaches and surf lovers.
You can book our surf lessons with different types of accommodation. You can also schedule surf lessons, rent material and more, without having a stay with us.

We feel that we are a special team, because as well we possess all certificates, licenses and courses in surf and physical education area, we also are passionate about what we do.

Learn how to surf and have fun with who knows … you can choose between surf packages or just surf lessons. We have 3 level of surfing in order to tailor your learning to your level of surfing and beach.

Surf Levels

You can book the packages and surf lessons with different surf levels. You can also schedule surf lessons, rent material and more, without having a stay with us.

Our aim is that your surf lessons can be the most personalized and profitable as possible and that you may evolve also as much as possible – and you will have plenty of fun guaranteed!

Our surf lessons are divided into 3 levels. (SurfSoft_Beginner / Evolution_Improvers / Shortboard_ Advanced)

1. SurfSoft-Beginner – For anyone who is starting to surf and have no idea what is needed and need good and qualifiers teachers/coaches, in a small group of students, with the time and attention required and specific for each one, on a beach with the best conditions for learning and consolidation of the initial surf bases (take off and different waves, tides, and swell adaptation).

2. Evolution-Improvers – For those who are already comfortable with the take off and are ready to paddle out past the broken waves to be in the “outside” to catch unbroken(green)waves with1/2m, 1m big and be with the other surfers. You are entitled to have a monitor for each group of eight students and a van to search for the best spot so that you can train in this kind of surf level.

3. Shortboard-Advanced – For surfers who want good waves and great spots to surf and train. For those that already have independent surf, however, want a skilled surfer/coach to correct and analyse their surf techniques and manoeuvres. You are entitled to have a van, a car or a pickup, photos and videos.

Choose your surf level in order to your lessons and packages be the most personalized and appropriate.

///Note: Theoretical surf lessons and video analyses are also included in all levels and different sessions.


Bed & Breakfast – Pack Surf Free Our Surf camp has rooms for 4 or 6 people, with the option of staying in a shared accommodation with individual or bunk beds.
This package is perfect for expert surfers or for anyone who wants to relax in a surfcamp with a good energy and a phenomenal sea view that surrounds the entire camp and don´t need surf lessons or guides. You are at 10min. distance by walk of the best waves in Ericeira World Surfing Reserve.

7 nights
7 breakfasts
Free use of our commodities
…and a lot of fun!

Prices from 97€

Bed & Breakfast with Surf Lessons – Pack Surf Training This package is our offer for a nice relaxing and unforgettable surf vacations, for both beginners and improvers/intermediate surfers. Our surf camp and team will rub off you by the unique and “magic” energy transmitted through our surf and life style passion.
Our teachers will teach you 7 days a week every day in a 2h30 of surf lessons in an appropriate spot for your surf level and experience. Our lessons are mainly in S. Julião beach and theoretical lessons, photos and video analysis are included in the surf sessions.

7 nights
7 breakfasts
7 x 2h30, surfing lessons
Video analyses
Surf equipment
Beach transport
Free use of our commodities
…and a lot of fun!

Prices from 272€

This package is perfect for those with stay, either with us or not, and just want to enjoy the surf lessons in 2h30m with a small group and the Action Waves Team. Consists of transporting to the proper beach, surf lessons with the best qualified teachers and respective equipment. Prices from 25€ classes

///*If you want you can stay more or longer than 1 week, since we are flexible. Let us know.


Low Season: 16th October to 31st March

Mid Season: 1st April to 15th June – 15th September to 15th October

High Season: 16th June to 15th September – Christmas (23rd December to 5th January) and Easter (23rd March – 7th April)

Bed & Breakfast – Pack Surf Free

Shared Accommodation Per night/pax 1 Week/Pax 2 Weeks/Pax
Low Medium High Low Medium High Low Medium High
bunk beds (1 a 6 Pax) 16,00 € 20,00 € 23,00 € 97,00 € 130,00 € 151,00 € 194,00 € 260,00 € 302,00 €
individual (1 a 5 Pax) 18,00 € 22,00 € 25,00 € 111,00 € 144,00 € 165,00 € 222,00 € 288,00 € 330,00 €

Bed & Breakfast with Surf Lessons – Pack Surf Training

Shared Accommodation Per night/pax 1 Week/Pax 2 Weeks/Pax
Low Medium High Low Medium High Low Medium High
bunk beds (1 a 6 Pax) 41,00 € 45,00 € 48,00 € 272,00 € 305,00 € 326,00 € 544,00 € 610,00 € 652,00 €
individual (1 a 5 Pax) 43,00 € 47,00 € 50,00 € 286,00 € 329,00 € 340,00 € 572,00 € 638,00 € 680,00 €

1 surf lesson (small group) – 25€
1 week, 7 days with surf lessons – 150€
2 weeks, 14 days with surf lessons – 300€

Airport transfer from 20 € per person, a minimum of 3 people, or 50 € for 1 person.

* Special rates for groups, send information to email:


Booking form. We are passionate about surfing and we are rejoicing for booking with Action Waves – Ericeira 55 Surf Camp.





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Rua Oceano Atlântico n.º 6 – 1. º Dto
Urbanização Ribeira d´Ilhas 2655-487 Ericeira, Portugal


Phone (Gonçalo): +351 91 844 88 93
Phone (Andreia): +351 91 401 03 30
skype: Action_Waves_Portugal

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