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About Us

We are a group that brings together a team of young and familial people who are connected since early ages to radical sports, nature and healthy lifestyle.

After we complete our degrees, a long period of travels around the world and working in many fields, in the last years we have changed our lives in order to do what really matters to us and to complete our dreams. For that, we moved to a surf paradise called Ericeira, the World Surfing Reserve. Our aim is to share our experience and surf way of living with you, fulfilling your expectations and providing you a personalized guidance during your stay in Portugal.

Rua Oceano Atlântico n.º 6 – 1. º Dto
Urbanização Ribeira d´Ilhas 2655-487 Ericeira, Portugal


Phone (Gonçalo): +351 91 844 88 93
Phone (Andreia): +351 91 401 03 30

skype: Action_Waves_Portugal

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